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5 Ways to Build Your Brand for ALL Generations

Building a successful brand in a world that has become excessively competitive can seem insurmountable. Gen Z and younger millennials have found it easy to adjust to the changing dynamics of branding. But for the older generations, this new digital age sometimes proves difficult to navigate. But there’s still a chance to find a way to build your brand.

There are strategies you can employ as an older Gen Xer or baby boomer to effectively compete with the younger generations. But before we get into that, let’s demystify some myths around building a brand.

Dispelling the Myths 

Building a reputation is an age-old activity. It has been around since the humans first walked the Earth. Brand awareness is just a rebranding of what we used to call building a reputation.

Much like building a reputation, brand awareness doesn’t require much money or resources to succeed. You don't need to invest heavily in costly advertising campaigns or hire professionals to do your work.

Technology has leveled the playing field. You now have access to the same tools the big companies utilize. You’re able to reach people right through their mobile phones. That amount of access is something unheard of merely five or ten years ago. It makes it very possible to create a successful brand on a budget utilizing the right strategies.

How to Build Your Brand Awareness

Companies like Nike, Apple, and Disney have competitors creating almost similar products but are unmoved in market share. Reason? They have built a strong brand following.

You can build your brand reputation through the following strategies:

1. Advertising and Promotions

Even though the advertising done ten years ago doesn’t look like today’s campaigns, the principles of marketing are the same. The medium by which advertising can be used is no longer the staples of television, radio and print. Now, promotions can also be done online, attached to YouTube videos, on social media platforms and even digital marketing campaigns like Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

As a member of an older generation, you may not be familiar with the nuances of digital marketing, but it’s easier to understand than you think. There are hundreds of examples and how-to videos on platforms like YouTube to acquaint yourself with digital marketing and what techniques you may be able to use. But remember, the basics abd principles of marketing haven’t changed.

2. Referral Programs

Word of mouth is one of the most effective strategies for building brand awareness. The technique relies on happy and satisfied customers spreading the word about your business to their respective networks.

Social media plays a huge part in word-of-mouth referrals, especially Facebook, where people will create groups and share their likes and dislikes. You brand can flourish on social meda, but you must be an active member. — not just posting updates, but commenting, liking, sharing, etc. (More on social media below)

Referral programs are a great way to build an organic following. You can create content that encourages customers to refer your products or service. Many companies offer email campaigns that you can utilize toward a contact list. This a great way to get your brand in people’s email inbox, something that posting on social media can’t do.

3. Events and Networking

Times have changed, and so should we. It’s no longer about physical events and networking. While those meet-and-greets will return, as the pandemic comes to an end, virtual events and online networking will not go away. What was once the new normal, virtual events have now become a part of marketing strategies. Another tool in the brand awareness workshed.

Today, it’s possible to showcase your products or services to customers beyond your physical location. The technology has also opened opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs across the globe.

4. Social Media

Social media sites have become the go-to channels for businesses to create an online presence. An effective social media strategy can help you reach customers from all demographic backgrounds.

More than 4.8 billion people actively use social media; that is more than half of the world's population. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, there are numerous platforms you can use to engage your potential customers. Each channel has its favored demographic, but most have users across all generations.

5. Content Creation

Creating compelling and engaging content will help you reach your target audience, generate more leads and build brand loyalty. You can create content through blogs, videos and infographics to educate customers about your products or services.

This type of content builds trust and loyalty, increasing brand awareness. Data shows that the average internet user spends over a quarter of their day online. Therefore, you should also be found there.


As a baby boomer, Gen Xer, or older millennial, you should keep up with the ever-changing marketing dynamics. Building brand awareness is essential to growing your business and gaining the trust and loyalty of customers.

These strategies will help you start on the right foot, but remember; it's a continuous process. You should keep testing, refining and evaluating your marketing efforts to stay ahead in this competitive landscape.

As mentioned before, there are countless tutorials on portals, like YouTube, that can effectively explain the nuances of digital marketing. That’s why they used to call the internet the information super highway!



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